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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Four

Activity One- Potato and spoon race!

A take of the all time classic egg and spoon race. 

Mark out your route, put a potato on a spoon, and make your way to the finish line...


Water Bottle Flip

How many times can you flip your water bottle to land facing upright in 60 seconds?!



Well done Mia and Sophie for getting involved in our bottle flip challenge! Mia got 1 in 60secs and Sophie managed 3 in 60secs, that is pretty impressive. 

Grey Lake

Well done to Harry who managed 13 bottle flips and a total of 13 widths of garden before he dropped his potato!

Charlie and his sister Willow's potato and spoon race video really made me laugh today on this rainy day! I love how creative you are getting setting up your race track indoors. Charlie and myself found the bottle flip is very hard! I think this is our biggest challenge so far. Thank you team Hale for another fab day.

Potato and Spoon Race

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Water Bottle Flip

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Darcy had fun trying to flip her Frozen water bottle over to stand on its end and managed to do this once! She also loved running (and laughing) around the garden in the rain with her potato on a spoon 😂.




Darcy Potato and Spoon Race

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Well done Oliver for completing the activities today! 


Greylake children in 3B completed the egg and spoon challenge improvising with windfall apples and spoon!

Well done Ellie-Mai and Libby.

They also loved doing the bottle flip challenge.

Well done Ella and mum for giving the bottle flip challenge a good go- love the photos and the look on Ella’s face when her bottle landed! 

Maisy doing fantastically well with the bottle flip challenge and spoon race.

Ham Wall

Well done Lily-Mai, I am so impressed that you managed to flip your water bottle twice!


Well done George!

Freya in bubble 3B competed for Ham wall in the egg and spoon and bottle flip challenge.

Well done Amelia for completing the bottle flip challenge!

Swell Wood

Due to the wet weather I set up my potato and spoon race inside today! I managed to keep my potato on the spoon despite tripping over my dog a few times who liked the look of the tasty potato. 

Danny, Darcey, Katie and Jed in bubble 3B  competed  in the egg and spoon challenge for Swell wood. They had a very good bottle flip attempt with  7 successful flips between them. 

Brandon has nailed the bottle flip technique.

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