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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Day Five

Activity One- plank, jog, cycle 

Plank for 1 minute, jog on the spot for 5 minutes, walk/cycle round the garden or park for 10 minutes. 

Activity Two- circuit training 

Follow Ella’s design or use for inspiration! 


Grey Lake

Darcy has had a very busy morning do all of the activities for our last day of our virtual sports week! Well done!





A very big well done to Harry for competing in the the Plank, Jog, Cycle event today!

Ham Wall

Today’s tasks complete for Lily-Mai and Eva-Rose, they found the plank very tricky but had lots of fun completing both tasks 😁 circuit training consisted of running five times, then 5 push ups, running another 5 times then 5 star jumps then running another five times. 

Buzzard Zoom Call

I loved our zoom call this morning and had lots of fun doing the activity set by Darcy in Kestrel Class. Well done to the parents who joined us and took on this challenge! We got a bit competitive trying to do as many claps as we could before catching the ball again. We improvised using toys and oranges because some of us didn't have a ball to hand. The most managed was 5 by Charlie H.