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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Curriculum - including RSHE

At Westonzoyland we value breadth and depth in our curriculum.  We have developed a curriculum plan that is based upon whole school topics.  This ensures that no child misses any areas of learning due to classes being mixed and re-mixed in different aged classes.  Instead we focus on the skills and knowledge being taught.  We have created a clear progression of skills and knowledge to enable teachers to ensure they are meeting the needs of the different ages of learning in our classes.  This also ensures that children within the same year group are receiving the same focus of teaching regardless of which class they are in.


We encourage our teachers to make learning as rich and engaging as possible.  This includes a focus on taking learning outside into our amazing school grounds.


We believe that wellbeing and RSHE or 'Wider World Education' are best delivered when integrated through the curriculum - as well as in discrete lessons.  To this end, our curriculum is highlighted to show how the subjects link across each other.  We believe that this is vital to create well rounded learners and meaningful, lasting learning experiences.


Our RSHE curriculum and policy have been developed in association with our parent working group, which included governor representation.  It has also had input from pupil and staff voice to ensure it meets the needs of all our stakeholders and represents what is best for our school.


In light of the challenges posed by school closures during the Covid19 pandemic, we restructured our topics in the 2020/2021 academic year in order to minimise areas of foundation learning that might be missed.  Our curriculum is a live document and we keep it under review - making improvements and adapting it to the needs of our learners.  We are currently updating the document as our new subject leaders introduce innovations to improve the provision for their subjects.



Our Characteristics of Effective Learners:


Our 21/22 Curriculum Overview:


(Year 1 Will be completing gymnastics in the Spring term this year as our equipment was out of action due to flooring work in the Autumn Term)


 Our Subject Leaders:


Subject Area

Subject Leader


KS1 - Mrs Bell

KS2 - Mrs Meyers


KS1 - Mrs Bell

KS2 - Mrs Meyers


Miss Stockford

History, Geography, RE

Miss Grant and Mr Warner


Mr Warner


Miss Grant


Mrs Meyers

MFL - French

Mrs Oaten

Art and DT

Ms Evans


Mrs Gardner


British Values:

At Westonzoyland we want British values to be incorporated through our curriculum, so we have taken these themes and incorporated them through or RSHE curriculum.  They are also present in our assembly themes.