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W/C 4th May

Good morning Kestrels!

Welcome back to another week of home learning! I have kept to the same format of home learning this week so it starts to become familiar to you. I have also included tasks related to a picture, which you can find below. These have been very popular so I thought I would make sure you had one on other days, not just as part of our English learning on Wednesdays. I have also included a printable version for those of you who prefer to do it in this way, but the activities can be completed straight from the screen if that is easier. I've also included a task inspired by Rainbow Darcy's hair! 


Please note, as it is a Bank Holiday there will be no work set on Friday so you can go and enjoy the VE day celebrations! 


Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you! smiley

VE day project to complete

As I will not be uploading any work for Friday, here is a VE Day project for you to complete if you wish! Check out Wednesdays home learning page for a clip explaining VE Day and what it means. 

Picture of the day: Ladybird

Question time! (Please write your answers today!)


What do you think a ladybird’s life is like?

Where has the feather in the picture come from?

How do you think ladybirds communicate with each other?

Where do you think ladybirds live?

Why do you think they are called ‘ladybirds’? Are they birds?

How does a ladybird learn to fly?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of a ladybird flying?

Picture of the day: A giants game





Question time!

Can you answer these questions? You don't need to write the answers down (unless you want to!)


What number did the die land on?

Who is playing the game?

What game might they be playing?

What will happen now that the die has stopped?

Is there anybody else nearby who has witnessed the game?

Where have the giants come from? Is this their home?


Sentence challenge!

Can you make a list of sounds (onomatopoeia) that the die might make as it is thrown on the beach?

E.g. thump, thud


Can you then start a sentence with a sound?

Thump! The die landed on the beach.

Thud… The die rolled over one final time.



Story starter!

I've started writing a story based on the picture, can you finish it?


The enormous die crashed into the sand with a thud, but what number would it land on?

The giants ran after it, craning their necks, jostling with one another to see what the outcome would be. As they moved across the beach the ground shook violently, barely able to contain their mighty weight and size.

Finally, the die came to rest. One of the giants let out an almighty roar of delight that reverberated for miles around…


Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of the giants who are playing the game?

Rainbow Art

Darcy's rainbow hair and Leo's rainbow skittles have inspired me. I know so many of you have been creating rainbows to put up in your windows, but how many other ways can you think of to make a really creative rainbow? Check out some of the suggestions below:



Don't forget to send me in pictures of your most creative rainbow design!