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19th March 2020


As it has now been decided that schools will close for the foreseeable future, I appreciate that many of you will be very anxious about the coming weeks. I have put together a number of activities and electronic resources that your children can complete at any time. Further to this, I will be regularly updating this page with more specific work that can be completed daily. I would like to reassure you that I will still be providing support and advice, alongside providing educational activities for your children. If you have any questions about how to structure your day, how to explain specific concepts, or anything else you think I can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact me via the Kestrel class email account at: 


I appreciate that some people do not have access to printers/ internet/ craft materials etc. So I have tried to suggest a variety of activities that can be completed without this.


I won’t lie, this will be a very stressful time for many of you. Both you and your children may be concerned about the things you have seen and heard. If doing schoolwork is not right for your children at any specific time, don’t do it! Hug them a little closer, snuggle up on the sofa and, if anything, just read, read, read! Don’t panic about what they are missing in their education, this can all wait. Just enjoy some quality time with them and do what you think is best for them at any given time.   


Keep in touch and keep safe! We will be thinking of you all.


With love from Kestrel staff :) 

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Activities for children


If nothing else, please continue reading with your child. Read them stories, get them to read to you, access books online or read websites and newspaper articles. I appreciate that you will not have access to the reading scheme that we use at school, so encourage a wide variety of reading. The following websites will assist you with this:

  • Bug club: this is something that the children are very familiar with and access in school. They provide electronic books that are specific to the child’s reading level and can be adjusted where necessary. All children will be provided with an individual log in for this. Please get in contact if your child needs more books added or needs their reading level adjusted.
  • Spreeder: Spreeder is a fun activity to try and improve speed of reading by copying a text into the box and increasing the speed that the words are shown on the screen. See how quickly you can read (and understand!) the words!



  • Phonics play: This website has a number of games and activities to increase children’s phonological awareness. This is, again, something that we use regularly in school and will be very familiar to your child. They should be able to access this independently. The website are providing free access for the duration of school closures and can be accessed using the following log in details:

Username: march20  Password: home

  • Children will be provided with high frequency words relevant to their stage of development. They can practice writing these into sentences, spelling and reading them.


  • Diary: Write a diary entry about what you have done today. You are part of history! You never know, someone might be reading your diary in 20 years’ time!
  • Write shopping lists, card, letters to friends or emails. (Make sure you email me and let me know what you are up to, I promise to reply)






  • Show Me: has a range of museum activities about any topic. Use the search function to find The Stone Age, Dinosaurs, Evolution or anything else you are interested in and then try out some of the activities.
  • Take a tour of the Natural History Museum and look at the vast array of past and present exhibits All of them are pretty interesting so have a good look around, but there are a number of specific rooms that are really relevant to our ‘land before time’ topic, such as the dinosaur and fossil rooms.


There are lots of other sites and resources becoming available. Drop me a message if you find a good one so I can share it with everybody smiley