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UPDATED 10.07.2020

The most delicious chocolate cakes...

Oliver has designed a cheese sandwich as part of his lighthouse keeper's learning

A lovely walk with family, and showing that we have succeeded in learning to fly during Lockdown. WOW!

We really like Oliver's colourful lighthouse!

A walk in the woods, with lots of climbing and balancing, as well as interesting sculptures and structures to explore

A lovely walk up Burrow Mump

It looks like our birthday boy had a fantastic birthday with the most awesome cake!

Busy learning with a smile!

Painting lighthouses

Oliver has been really busy with showing the times of events in his day, as well as pirating away with his tricky words!

Pirating at home! Ahoy me hearties!

Pirates walking the plank, washing hands at a distance after cooling down with a lolly!

Pirate Alfie has been busy planning his pirate adventures too!

Shiver me timbers! Look at the super work from this pirate!

Wanted posters - look at our fierce pirates.

Building pirate ships

Treasure maps

Lots of fun on a sunny walk, watching the tractor relay, and of course, bike riding!

Amazing Rainbow fish learning - great job!

Awesome rainbow fish learning

Loads of fun with a nature frame - look at the detail in the puddle frame!

What a great achievement - learning to ride a bike without stabilisers. I love the face covering too - it's got to be minecraft for this young man!

Oliver has researched sea creatures before then choosing facts to write. He has also completed all our virtual sports week challenges!

William has worked really hard completing all the learning this week. Awesome job William. Now enjoy Grandad's birthday cake!

Focusing on learning as well as daily exercise - smartly dressed in football kit!

Wonderful family time as well as learning! What a star!

Awesome snail and the whale work, and spirals from nature. Great job!

Amazing spiral snails, counting using pasta, and a snail race!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else tried this? (having found that snails have spirals)

Oliver has made a lovely spiral using rose petals.

Noah has been doing some amazing learning - and has already written about how the whale was saved.

Awesome Snail and the whale learning - and iced eggs. I just love the dotty spiral too!

What an absolute ball of a learning time we are having - lots of snail and whale learning followed by relaxing with ball and water fun. Not to mention ice-creams...

Oliver very carefully compared and ordered his worms.

What a superstar! Challenging himself with maths, spelling and delicious pizza.

Busy measuring and ordering worms, matching rhyming words - super learning!

Edward found loads of woodlice, then made his own rainbow whilst washing the car!

Busy busy busy - must be shattered after moving around like a worm, beetle, snail...

Look at Eva-Rose's Superworm!

Awesome collection of Superworms here!

Look at that amazing super worm - it took 2 days to make!

Busy learning the time as well as handwriting

Very busy with worms - great idea to make a shop! Anyone for slugs or worms?

Making playdoh worms and measuring!

Thinking of heroes, handwriting and of course Superworm!

I love the worm! And measuring worms to find the longest. Look how carefully he is writing his spellings!

Rupert is proud of his split digraph phonics - and using a grown-up notepad - cool!

I wonder if you can read the knex word? It must have taken ages!

Archie has drawn a super picture of Glastonbury Tor!

Very busy with Superworm, look at that chilled pose for completing his phonics too!

Rupert visited Kilve and went fossil hunting

Very proud of his wormery as well as challenging himself with maths!

Busy loving the Superworm topic, today making worm pictures and a wormery!

Merlin are certainly busy making their wormeries - I wonder if there will be any worms left for the birds?

Superworm is definitely making its name known in this house!

Edward has been busy...

George has been busy making a new patio! With a bit of help!

Awesome work here, and always with a beaming smile!

A lovely time walking in the Quantocks

Following an obstacle course with different exercises at each point!

Still image for this video

Very busy building castles as well as reading and writing!

Lovely colour mixing outside

Charlotte found a millipede and looked after it before letting it go. She has even visited a beach - look at that social distancing!!

Look at these - just in!

It has been a busy day learning...

Edward has already been busy with Jack and the Beanstalk

Busy with Jack and the Beanstalk, and plant care!

Guess who has been very busy at the allotment!