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Buzzard – Miss Crowe (Year 1)

Welcome to Buzzard Class

We have created this page in order to give you an overview of the routines in Year 1, together with useful information. We also intend to post photographs and examples of their fantastic work throughout the year. We hope that you will find it useful and you will enjoy seeing what the children are doing in Buzzard Class! 

PE Days

Our PE day is currently on Tuesday. 

We aim to change books every Monday. Please send their reading books back in for this day ☺️. 

Please take a look at our information for parents page for more details. 


Teaching Team

Class Teacher: Miss Crowe

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hall and Mrs Fraser


Friday 9th July

We loved joining the rest of the school to sing ‘It’s coming home’ and ‘Vindaloo’ socially distanced in the playground. We made banners in the morning and cheered on our team together as a school. Come on England!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Have a lovely weekend everyone- we are so proud of how the children managed our transition days this week we had a lovely day together. 

It’s coming home! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Thursday 1st July 

We really enjoyed our sports day with Merlin Class today and had so much fun cheering each other on. The children were very supportive of each other and loved competing over the morning. Hopefully next year you can all be there to cheer them on too! 

Sports Day

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Sports day!

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Sports Day!

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Sports Day!

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Sports Day

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Sports Day!

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Parts of the body

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Outdoor learning

We used our senses to help us describe the environment today. I asked children to draw what they could hear, see, touch and smell. We then did our phonics outdoors hunting all the different words with our focus sound in. 

We loved our cricket visit last half term!


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Cricket! 🏏

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Happy Earth Day 🌍

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Holi Festival

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Friday 19th March

Outdoor Learning

Happy Red Nose Day! 

We loved your superhero costumes smiley.



Capacity and Volume

Wednesday 17th March

Happy St Patrick’s Day!
We loved learning all about St Patrick today and designing our shamrock to wear on our parade. Thank you to the other classes who waved to the children as they went round the school.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Friday 12th March

We wanted to do something for Mother’s Day this year, but because we cannot send things home we thought we would get the children to choose what picture they would like to send you. 
Happy Mother’s Day everyone! ☺️

Thursday 11th March

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Today we have been learning more about pulse in our music. We had lots of fun doing this using different actions/moves.

Thursday 11th March

Introduction to weight and mass

Tuesday 9th March

Today we were measuring using non-standard units of measure. In partners the children found different objects that were the same as 10 cubes, less than and more than 10 cubes. We had lots of fun going around the school to find different items. The children did some fantastic measuring with their new learning partners.

Monday 8th March

We had such a lovely first day back today in Buzzard Class. It was so lovely to see their big smiles throughout the day! Here are some pictures of us finding different aliens in the field. They all had alien words written on them and the children needed to find them, sound them out, blend the word and then write them on their whiteboards. 


We had a special visit today which we all enjoyed lots!


Christmas dinner fun!


This week we have been getting the class decorated with a little help from our cheeky elf.


Today I found our cheeky elf painting a Christmas tree on our window! 🎄

Next week the children will decorate it with their own baubles. I wonder what our cheeky elf will do tomorrow. 

Lots of the children were telling me that they were putting their tree up this weekend and I promised them I would share a picture of mine too! 
Here is Kasper enjoying the view! 🎄

As part of our anti bullying focus we came up with a class acrostic slogan including the things we thought were important that support is creating an environment where we are kind and respectful of each other. The children chose the slogan BE KIND as they thought this represented our school and class. 


Today we made mini folding penguin books showing the life cycle of a penguin

This included:

-First the egg is laid, this can take 3 days to hatch.

-Out of the egg comes a chick, who sometimes uses it's beak to crack open the egg.

-It grows into a fledgling, at this stage they start to develop waterproof feathers so they can find their own food in the sea.

-The penguin finally grows into an adult penguin, adult penguins can live for up to 20 years!


This week we have started to learn about the religion Judaism as part of our RE focus. The children learnt about the Torah and the importance of this to Jewish people and then we looked at Mezuzah's. We made our own Mezuzah focusing on things that are important to us and help us live a good life. Usually these contain part of the scripture. We choose to include our school moto 'respect' inside our Mezuzah. 


Our Rangoli patterns 


Yesterday I sent the children home with their lyrics for the Christmas song, but forgot to upload the song! I think lots of people had a good go at finding the tune, here is the song so you can practise at home smiley.

See the Shepherds

Wednesday 18th November

Thank you for your emails regarding our Frozen Planet topic. I am so pleased to hear how much the children are enjoying this. Here is a link to the BBC website with a clip all about how the Emperor Penguins 🐧 look after their eggs 🥚.

Yesterday the children compared the Arctic and the Antarctic and found out that in the Summer these areas only reach around 12 degrees and that the Antarctic can be as cold as -60 degrees. We also learnt that in the winter ❄️ it can be very dark in these two regions of the word. 

Today they labelled the body parts of an Emperor Penguin and learnt all about this animal and how the male Emperor penguin sits on the unhatched egg for 2 months whilst the female penguin is in the ocean. 



Last year when our small bubbles returned to school I thought it would be fun to try and get them a Blue Peter sport badge in honour of what would have been the 2020 Olympics for the children. All we needed to do was play a new sport and practice this over the week. We chose to play hockey, we sent in our photos of us playing the sport and the children wrote about what they liked about the sport and why it was important to stay active. I was so pleased to see that Joel has received his badge!  Well done Joel for sending off your envelope to Blue Peter. 



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On Monday we will be learning more about our five senses and will be going on a nature walk to see what we can see, hear, touch and smell. Please could you send the children in with their wellies to change into, I think it might be a wet day judging by this gloomy Saturday. smiley


Today the children have been learning all about the celebration Diwali. The children loved learning about a different culture and the festival of light. I hope you enjoyed their Diwali cards. 


Today as part of our new topic 'Frozen Planet' Buzzard class continued their English sequence based on non-fiction texts. They made their very own Snowmen to help them write their instructions 'How to build a Snowman' next week. So far this week we have been preparing the children by introducing them to the terms fiction and non-fiction, sorting books into these categories. They have also been introduced to the terminology 'verbs' through a game of 'Simon says'. They applied this knowledge by identifying the doing words in our sentences- they were fantastic at this! 


Here are some of the children's snowmen pictures- look out for these this week as they will be adding them to our frozen planet classroom! smiley


Welcome back!

We have had a great first day back enjoying the autumn weather today. This afternoon in ICT we focused on how to stay safe on the internet. Buddy the dog taught us a song to help us remember our internet safety rules and how to make good choices when using technology...


The children then made their own posters to remind themselves some of which include the lyrics to our internet safety song. Please continue these conversations at home with the children and think about internet safety rules you might like to create as a household. 



Westonzoyland Harvest 2020

🍁 Happy Autumn Holidays! 🍁

Well done Buzzard Class on our most interesting half term yet, I know how tired you all must be after working so hard. You have settled back into school so well in such strange circumstances. We have really enjoyed getting to know each child in Buzzard class- you have already made us proud. Please enjoy the holiday spending time with family and have a good rest. I went pumpkin picking in the weekend and found some enormous pumpkins with my lovely family. Send me in any pictures of your pumpkins this week and I will try and put them all on! 🎃 





Please enjoy looking at some of the lovely work the children have been doing over the first half term. These bits of work are based around the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ that we adapted to our own version ‘The Candy Man’ and the poem ‘Brown Bear’.
The children explored the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ by recreating the different animals running after the gingerbread man. They enjoyed choosing time where they picked different activities to help them recall and sequence the story. Some children to do word searches, others designed their own gingerbread house and made their own animal puppets. 


The Gingerbread Man 

Today Buzzard Class received an exciting letter from the little old lady and the little old man asking for their help to find the Gingerbread Man. They had to use their knowledge of the story and phonics to sound out the different clues on our way. The children were amazing at sequencing the story and were successful in their quest to find the gingerbread man! They followed each clue to find a special treat to enjoy.

Well done Buzzards smiley.


Buzzard Wellbeing

We have started to display some of the fantastic work the children have been doing as part of our wellbeing focus. They created some great mood monsters and they are ready to help us identify how we are feeling each day. They will be watching over us whilst we are working to make sure we are okay. During morning work they have been thinking about what makes them happy. Their beautiful creations brighten up our room smiley.


Here are our songs that we will be singing for our harvest celebration. I have also sent home the lyrics for the children to learn. There is no pressure to do this at home as we will practise lots at school! smiley

A Tiny Seed Sleeping

Autumn Leaves

A big well done to our star of the week Jack today! Jack has worked hard to adapt to our new school routine and has started to come into our classroom with such a positive outlook with a big smile on his face. He has also supported his friends along the way. I have been so impressed with his attitude to learning this week, keep up the hard work! 


As part of our focus on wellbeing today we have been learning about ‘mood monsters’ to help the children identify and manage different feelings. Tomorrow we will be making our very own to display in the classroom. We are looking forward to sharing our designs! 


Today as part of our focus on the world around us the children created maps to help them get from the gates to the classroom. We walked the route looking at the landmarks we passed on the way in. We saw our big red bin, the tall green trees, our lovely church, the train and finally our hut and flower chalk board just before our classroom door. ☺️


Today we enjoyed taking our learning outside during Maths. So far this half term the children have been developing their knowledge of place value through a range of activities. Today they did this by finding one more of a group of objects.


Tomorrow they will be finding one less of a group of objects.


Today Buzzard Class have been exploring the world around us to help us write our own poems about our environment. We have had a lovely time creating dens, making nature sticks and thinking about how we feel when we are outside.


We listened to ‘what a wonderful world’ and read out and about by Shirley Hughes to help us think about what we could hear and see outdoors and how we might write about this.



Buzzard class were introduced to Naomi Noun today who taught us all about different nouns. They then went outside to label all the nouns they could find. We were very impressed with just how many they were able to identify! 


We have had a lovely few days getting to know Buzzard class and familiarising ourselves with our new normal. I would like to say a big well done to the children who have been extremely positive and have adapted so well back into school life. We have loved hearing about the quality time they have spent with their families over the holidays 😊.

Thank you Mrs Hall and Mrs Fraser for being fantastic and making the children feel safe and happy back at school. 🌈


Mrs Hall will be in Buzzard Class from Monday-Thursday and Mrs Fraser will be in Buzzard Class on a Friday. 


Welcome Back!



Mrs Hall and I are looking forward to meeting our new Buzzard Class on Thursday and are ready to support the children and each other this year! 


We have already heard fantastic things about the children over the year, and we have been impressed with their fantastic attitude to learning over the last couple of months. We understand that this will be quite a big transition for the children, and therefore our focus will be the wellbeing of our Buzzards as they get used to being back in the classroom together. smiley


Although the children are returning to the same classroom this year, it looks slightly different as the children will all be at tables facing the front of the classroom to adhere to guidelines to keep us all safe! However, we will do lots of work together to make sure the class is somewhere inviting and stimulating for the children. This year we will be creating learning walls together that reflect their learning journey over the year.


On the first two days we will be focusing on how we feel about being back at school, and reflecting on our experiences over the last couple of months. This will be displayed in the class and will be used to help the children express themselves. To help us achieve this we will be basing our learning on the story 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers for the first two weeks of the Autumn term. This will provide lots of opportunities to learn about the world around us and to engage in some fantastic cross-curricular learning. This unit will also support the children in working well as a team, listening to each other, and taking turns.