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Buzzard English

Teaching Ideas and Resources- The Three Little Pigs:


  • Role play- encourage the children to act out the main events in the story, can they put on their own performance of this tale?
  • Create a story map to help sequence the story and to support you in coming up with your own version with a similar storyline.
  • Re-write the story with different animals and a different villain. Create a mind map to think of animals that could be used in this story. Do this for the villain too.
  • Write the story from another character’s point of view. How would the wolf retell the story? Would he have a different way of describing things?
  • Hot seating- use hot seating to help children understand the different characters in the story. This can also help in writing the story from a different perspective. Make this into an interview and encourage them to really get in the role, they love doing this at school even those who find this out of their comfort zone.
  • Write a report of the events in the story, you could create your own newspaper report or you could film your own news segment.
  • WANTED posters- create your poster to help catch the wolf. Encourage them to use descriptive language. Focus on adjectives and adverbs (e.g. he was last seen quietly sneaking away from the poor little pig’s house.)
  • Conduct a police interview with the wolf- ask the children the questions provided in the resources and get them to think in role and write their answers to these (again, hot seating will help with this).



  • Think about different materials. Which would be the best to build a house with? Could you design an experiment which tests the strength / 'huff and puff' (wind) resistance of different materials?
  • Resources to support on the Science and Geography page.