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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’

Art and PSHE


* How did the Giant feel about Jack stealing from him? Write a diary from the perspective  of the Giant, talking about the day Jack stole his golden hen. Was he sad or angry?  Use our Storytime Diary Sheet.


* Was Jack right to trade Milky-White for the beans? Was he right to steal from the giant? Should he have climbed the beanstalk a second and third time? Talk about how Jack behaved. What adjectives would you use to describe him? 


* Write a letter from Jack apologising to the Giant for stealing his things. 


Art and DT

*Make a castle out of junk materials. (Please send me photos of this- use loo roll, egg boxes, cardboard bits, and cereal boxes)


* Make your own giant and write a description about how to make it with recycled materials e.g. boxes, cylinders 


* Use different kinds of dried beans and glue to make textured pictures. Use light and  dark beans to create patterns, make the letters J, A, C, K from beans or fill in the outline  of a beanstalk leaf with beans. Look up “kids bean art” on Google Images and Pinterest for inspiration.


* Use kitchen or toilet rolls as a centre and paint or colour the rolls green. Next get each child in your house to write their name on a green beanstalk leaf. Every day, make your beanstalk grow a bit taller and add a new leaf with a question on for the giant. Send in your questions and see if the giant answers them.