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Westonzoyland Primary School ‘Achieving, Learning and Growing Together’


These are some of the photos from 2016-2017- archived from our previous website.

In the Spring Term, the children looked closely at the flowers that were beginning to grow.

The children were keen to explore the allotment area, where they noticed lots of weeds and rotten plants. their first job was to clear the area and then some planting could begin.

We have been very lucky and we have received a donation of some money. The children were keen to have some new sand and site construction vehicles, diggers, dump trucks, rollers and work men. Hooray and thank you.

The children were very excited to see the Police in school. They talked to the children about road safety and how to stay safe when it is dark. They were very keen to look in the Police car and Riot van that had been brought into the school playground. Some children were brave and got into the van, walking down through and looking into the cage at the rear. They explored the police car, switching on the blue lights and looking at the reflection outside.

We talked to the children about the remembrance poppies we were wearing and why we were wearing them. The children were very keen to paint a paper plate to make a large poppy. They had a choice of shades of red paint to paint their plate, adding a dab of black and green into the middle. the children displayed good listening skills. The poppies made a wonderful display for the children to sit in front of as we held a two minute silence, we used a visual sand timer on the interactive board to aid their understanding of time passing.

The children searched through all the natural resources that they had collected and closely examined the textures, smells and various colours of their Autumn collection.

The children explored the outdoor area searching for natural items to collect and examine with magnifiers. They carried some baskets, quickly beginning to fill them with "brown leaves, prickly things and conkers" they looked closely at the berries, the pumpkin and its leaves. They enjoyed carefully picking and tasting the "raspberries" and "apples", lots of fun as they explored.