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All about you!

This is a page just for you! Send me pictures, videos and pieces of work and I will upload them to this page so you can show your friends what you have been up to! 


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I had a lovely email from Danny today to tell me all the fantastic things he and Polly have been up to. He has done lots of fun activities, like pulling his sister along in the bike trailer by attaching it to his truck, how clever! He is also playing lots of music and has started learning how to play the piano with his Mummy, alongside practicing on his trombone. I can't wait to hear it! 


If you look very closely at the pictures, you'll see Danny holding a very special bravery certificate too. Well done Danny for being such a brave boy!




Danny says he likes Numbots more than TT rockstars, have you tried it yet? What do you think?



Look how busy Ruby and Finley have been! From toad in the hole to rhubarb crumble - with freshly picked rhubarb! Yum. Lots of great home learning going on - will your raft float in a tub of water? 

Well done Ruby and Finley! smiley

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Luke has been working really hard in all of his learning. Glad to hear you are trying so hard Luke! Amazing maths too, what a superstar!! smiley









Libby has been super busy over the past week or so! She has worked very hard in all of her learning. She has done spellings, reading, maths, literacy, art and joined handwriting! Wow! What a lot of fabulous work! I especially loved her 'Book of tooth fairies' story!


She's even been doing the hoovering and washing up!!








Libby had an extra great day doing maths on Monday, it was cake making! She didn't eat them all herself though, she tied the cakes up with ribbon with a little rainbow note and gave them to some of her neighbours.

Libby said: 

'We put them on doorstep the rang bell then waited at the end of the path and explained what we had done.' 

What a kind (and delicious!) thing to do!




Well done Libs, super proud of you! smiley


A cow swimming with a dolphin? What a crazy sight! Great questions Lilly-Mai! And fabulous maths too (1.4.20)- you showed great perseverance with the White Rose fractions unit :) 




Do you want to try this task too? Find it here: 



Danny has been super busy! He's done lots of baking, designed his own obstacle course before completing it, had dance lessons online with his sister Polly's dance teacher, built a bug hotel, built ramps in the garden and went over them on his electric bike and built lots of things with Lego! On top of all that, he's done his school work too!! Wow, what a superstar! smiley



Leo had a great week last week and completed lots of fabulous activities. he said:


'We have been really busy this week, making rainbows for the windows outside in the sunshine, we played maths bingo and did water painting in the sunshine before it dries.'




Leo has also written me the most fabulous letter to tell me what he has been up to!




Thank you Leo, I love it! heart


Lilly-Mai is working super hard this morning!




Have you tried answering the questions on Charlie and the Chocolate factory like Lilly-Mai yet? Find them here:


This weekend, I've used my exercise time to take my dog, Mollie for a walk! I'm very lucky that I live opposite lots of open fields, I didn't see a single other person while I was out on my walk! It was so windy that there was waves on the river, can you spot them? Mrs Bell smiley




Jacobs signing skills are super impressive already! Here he is signing his name smiley

Still image for this video

His cakes also turned out really well, it must have been all that fantastic planning! Mmmmm, delicious! blush





Jacob's not the only one using this time to learn British Sign Language! I hear lots of Kestrel are spending this time learning this valuable skill. Here is Darcy signing the alphabet, amazing job Darcy! Super impressive!

Still image for this video

Darcy's fantastic clip has inspired me to set up a new sub-page, 'Signing with Kestrel Class'. Darcy will be the first installment! I'll be watching and hopefully learning a new skill alongside you smiley

Find it here:


Jacob has been super busy this week! Not only is he top of the scoreboard on TT Rockstars, he has done lots of fabulous learning too! Today he is doing some baking. He was very sensible and wrote out all of the ingredients he would need first so he didn't miss anything. He's also found plenty of time to play in the sunshine too!


Jacob does Cosmic Kids!   


Jacob is also using this time to learn a new skill. He has decided to learn British Sign Language. What a fabulous idea!

What new skill would you like to learn but don't usually have the time for? It could be learning BSL like Jacob, a new language, how to draw or to play an instrument. Use your imagination and let me know what you have come up with! I'm attempting to get better at playing my ukelele- my family aren't enjoying it much!




Luke is still working incredibly hard in all of his learning. What fabulous work! He has been enjoying his maths, going on bug club and making the most of the sunshine. Luke has also been keeping up with the Joe Wicks workout in the mornings, finding Mummy's clicking joints very funny!


Luke has also written a wonderful letter to his Nanny and Dad. What a lovely thing to do! heart Let Luke inspire you into writing your own letter to someone you love but cant see right now, I know they will appreciate it.




Lilly-Mai watched the clip 'A Book of Butterflies' and created her very own story 'A book of Cats' Wow Lilly-Mai, I love it!! heart Especially those fantastic adjectives (I loved the use of 'disgusting!'). What lovely handwriting too! smiley



Do you want to take on this challenge too? Find it here:



Wow! Darcy Primary School looks amazing! They even have their own logo (very jealous, I think it's nicer than ours!) 

Darcy has been making the most of the sunshine and has been having her lunch in the garden, she has even done some science experiments too! 

Darcy explained:


"We have made primary colours and mixed them together to make the secondary colours. When we mixed all 3 together it made a yucky brown."


That sounds like lots of fun! I might take my lunch to the garden now too smiley Keep up the great work Darcy!



It was lovely to get a cheeky hello from Ruby through the school gates yesterday! I told her to go and play the counting to 100 song (on the maths page). Sorry parents, I know you'll hate it but Kestrel class love it!! cheeky


Here's Ruby dancing along!



Lilly-Mai is working hard on her Maths today, completing the White Rose daily maths lessons. Great stuff Lilly-mai smiley



23.3.20 Luke is flying through the maths I gave him on friday! He also managed the Joe Wicks daily workout today with his siblings! Keep up the great work Luke :)

23.3.20 Luke is flying through the maths I gave him on friday! He also managed the Joe Wicks daily workout today with his siblings! Keep up the great work Luke :)  1
23.3.20 Luke is flying through the maths I gave him on friday! He also managed the Joe Wicks daily workout today with his siblings! Keep up the great work Luke :)  2
23.3.20 Luke is flying through the maths I gave him on friday! He also managed the Joe Wicks daily workout today with his siblings! Keep up the great work Luke :)  3