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Hobby's Adoption: Peanut the Orang-utan

*** This part of the website was designed and written by members of Hobby Class ***

Merry Christmas From Peanut!

Merry Christmas From Peanut! 1

Hobby's Adoption

In Hobby, as part of our 'Lost In The Woods' topic, we have been reading a marvellous book named 'Running Wild' written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Sarah Young. Due to falling in love with the characteristics of the orang-utans and reading about orang-utan sancturaries, we were inspired to research a bit more. We looked online and saw a video of a sanctuary in North Borneo.


With this inspiration, and a suggestion from Jaymi, Hobby Class decided to adopt an orang-utan: Peanut. We decided to write a letter to Mrs Garbett regarding permission to adopt our chosen orang-utan. Luckilt Mrs Garbett said yes and we went on with the adoption. The total cost was £46 so we worked out that each child would bring in £2.00 and that, if need be, Mrs Meyers and Mrs Legg would chip in. On the 20th of November, 2017, we each happily paid the amount to We were so excited to see him.

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Peanut's Story

In late July 2013, Peanut (a male orang-utan) was found alone by a local farmer near the Kinabatangan River, which runs through East Malaysia. He was only a baby, thought to be less than a year old and was in need of help.At such a young age, orang-utans depend on their mothers so without her there to guide and care for him, he would grow weaker and slowly die. 


He was taken to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre where he was cared for very well. He was examined to see if he was ok, but all he had was a small eye injury. On arrival, he was given the lovely name of 'Peanut' as he was small and his face was in the unique shape of a nut. He was estimated to be 11 months old and weighed 3.15kg (3 and a bit bags of sugar).


A few months later, Peanut contracted Malaria and this is a critical illness for a young orang-utan of his age, but the little fighter got well again and is now back enjoying life!


When he first came to the sanctuary, he was very nervous, but now is climbing the biggest trees. He is now 4 years old, and strong like he is 80 years old!

You Can Help Too!

If you want to help adopt one too then:



Number: +44 (0) 1590 623443


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