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Osprey - Mr White (Year 4/5)

Welcome to Osprey Class

This page is intended to give you an overview of the routines in Year 4/5, together with useful information. We will also post photographs and examples of work throughout the year. We hope that you will find it useful.


Teaching Team

Class Teacher: Mr White

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hall,  Mrs Vernon and Miss Gregory

French: Mrs Pickford


This Term's Learning Adventure

We are learning through a new topic for the Spring term called 'Oh the places we'll go' which is a short topic looking at the development of transport through time. See our curriculum map in the link below to find out how we will be involving all curriculum areas.



Our PE day has changed for this year to two days: Tuesday and Thursday. However please make sure your child has their PE kits in everyday in case of timetable changes. Could all clothing also be clearly named to avoid anything getting lost. 




On Mondays the children will receive two pieces of homework, usually Maths and English, and they will have the week to complete it and hand it in. The homework is a good way of consolidating or extending their learning of the week or term.


Reading - Children are expected to read at least three times a week, with Reading Records being collected every Monday for checking.


Mental arithmetic - It is also vital that Mental Maths strategies, including learning their times tables, are rehearsed regularly.


Spellings - these are to be practised each week and tested on a Friday. To help your child's spelling development, please practise with them daily - 5 minutes should be enough - using the given spelling sheets which will be taken home on a Monday.

Egyptian Chariots

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We spent a week planning, drawing, designing and building mini Egyptian chariots. The class looked at designs on a Powerpoint first, then drew their own, use measuring and sawing skills to begin the build, then stuck the pieces together with hot melt glue. They painted in an Egyptian theme.

The Great Westonzoyland Potato Growing Competition - March 2018


Osprey Class led the way with planting their potatoes in the wonderful sunshine (before the Easter holidays). 


The children learned about the best way to position the 'chitted' seed potatoes; with their shoots upwards, and in a little soil which will then be raised up as the plant grows.


In the end, we planted six potatoes in the quest to find the Supertato. There will be two competitions that each class will be vying to win. The first is the largest single spud, while the  second is the largest yield. 


Ultimately, this is just a bit of fun with a lot of learning involved. The aim is to inspire the children to be green fingered and to foster a love of gardening. Who knows where it could lead?

Bikeability - March 2018


The Year 5 children in Osprey took advantage of two day's cycle proficiency training which they enjoyed and improved their skills. 


Although there was not enough room on the course for all of our Year 5 children, those who missed out will be given another chance in October when they are Year 6s. Do not despair!


As for those who completed the course, they now have the skills and the roadsense to be safer on the road. This will be essential as they get older and progress to secondary school.


Our thanks to the course leaders from Bikeability but also our staff who helped the children on the day and those parents for providing extra help, without whom the course could not run.


Haynes International Motor Museum Visit - February 2018


The highlight of the transport topic this term was the school's visit to Haynes in February. The day was enjoyed thoroughly by all children and adults thanks to the amazing selection of around 400 cars - old and new - at the museum near Sparkford.


Children were given a trio of activities to do during their trip including: a guided tour of the museum; a workbook and self-led tour and a production line workshop activity.


The amazing thing about the museum is that it showcases early cars such as Karl Benz's Motorwagen from 1886 through Rolls Royce and other classic cars from the early 1900s all the way through large American cars of the 50s to sports cars of the 80s and 90s such as the Lamborghini Countach and Dodge Viper. They even have a DMC DeLorean from Back to the Future!


All in all, it was money well spent - only costing £1 for the entrance fee and the rest for the coach. A great learning opportunity and photos aplenty.

Working on the production line at Haynes Motor Museum

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Motorbike Assembly - February 2018


On the quest to bring the transport topic to life, Mr White brought in his blue motorbike - a Triumph Sprint ST. During an assembly all about motorbiking, the children from Osprey and the whole school, learned some valuable lessons and some interesting facts.


Did you know the first petrol powered motorbike was invented in England in 1884 by Edward Butler? This was two years before Karl Benz created the first car in 1886 in Germany. Mr White's bike was made in 2006 and has an engine of 1050cc which has three cylinders. It has key safety features such as ABS (anti-lock braking system) and heated grips. On the more exciting/dangerous side, it has a top speed of 160mph and accelerates from 0-60 in around 3 seconds and it has around 120 bhp (that's around 600 bhp per ton!).


Of course, the assembly was more about safety and the importance of wearing the right gear and riding in the safest way. Volunteers in the assembly took a closer look at safety gloves, helmet, reinforced jacket and padded trousers to name a few safety elements in any rider's arsenal.


The icing on the cake was the sound of the 1050cc engine burbling loudly for all to hear. A great learning experience.

Picture 1

Transport topic...Oh the places we'll go - January 2018


The children in Osprey took a closer look at cars recently when Mr White shared his car with them. During the lesson, in which the pupils sat in the BMW Z4, they learned about the origins of the motor car from its steam powered roots.


They watched a short film all about the evolution of the car from the 17th century, through the 19th century and the invention of the first petrol powered car from Karl Benz (the motorwagon) through to modern cars and the future of motoring - electric and maybe even hydrogen cars.


It was a really fun lesson and putting the roof down on the car would have been great...if it hadn't have rained and hailstoned at the time!



DT woodland shelter building - December 2017


It was great to see the children enjoying getting practical and using some new found skills such as sawing and hot gluing that they had not used before.


The project was a Design and Technology one aimed at enhancing teamwork while develop designing and building skills in order to think up and build a woodland shelter. 


The children were provided with 1cm square rods of softwood, a saw and board, glue gun, pencil and ruler; all you need to build the perfect woodland hideout.


It wasn't the DT work that impressed me most (although that was excellent) but it was the teamwork and helping others that caught my eye.


Osprey are looking forward to their next project. 



Creative ceramic art - December 2017


This term the children in Osprey have thoroughly enjoyed learning different art techniques but few more than their work with air-dry clay.


As with so many areas we have learned about, this linked with our topic (Lost in the woods) so the children chose different animals to sculpt. They were keen to learn techniques such as using slip (watered down clay) as well as cross-hatching to improve the bond between the main body and any limbs on the creatures they made.


Of course, the children finished their works with paint and have proudly displayed them in class.


Tamsin Cooke @ Bridgwater Library - November 2017


Inspirational, fun, dramatic...these are just some of the words to describe the workshop the children enjoyed with local author, Tamsin Cooke.


During the trip to Bridgwater Library, the children met and heard all about Tamsin, who was dressed as a cat burglar to discuss reading and story writing, and in particular, read part of her book: Cat Burglar!


Armed with balaclavas, a grappling hook and NVGs (that's night vision goggles, if you didn't know) Tamsin dressed a couple of the children up as cat burglars, involved the rest in acting out their own story which they plan to write when they get back to school.


It was a truly inspirational visit and topped off with a book signing by our new favourite author!


Note: the cat burglar in the story only steals items in order to return them to their rightful owner. Fear not!

Orienteering - November 2017


Following on from their exciting adventures at Charterhouse, the Year 5s (and 4s) have been learning to read maps as part of their work in Geography. This topic has seen them draw maps, walk around and explore their local area (the village) and now find their way around an orienteering course set in the school grounds.


The children worked in pairs to read a map and locate 10 markers placed all over the school grounds. Co-operation was key, as well as orientating the map and remembering which direction to go.


Once at the marker, the children then used the orienteering stampers to show where they had been.


All in all, it was an exciting adventure for them all.

Science investigators - October 2017


As part of our work on Living Things and Their Habitats, the class went to the 'woodland area' in school to find animals in their habitats. We are conducting the great woodlice experiment to see which habitat woodlice prefer out of: water, lego, stones or wood and leaves. I wonder what we'll discover!

Picture 1

Our work in gym - September 2017


So far this year, the children in Osprey Class have been honing their skills of balance, climbing and agility. The hall's large apparatus has been dusted off and is now back in use and the children love it. Safety first - three points of contact when climbing and being aware of others is all part of an active gym session with the climbing apparatus.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Dragon sketching in PSHE - September 2017


We have been learning about Growth Mindset where children believe they can improve in everything they do. We worked through 3 (or more drafts) to improve our sketches of dragons. The progress was stunning. It goes to show that practice and belief is the key to progress.

Sunset Silhouettes - September 2017


Lost in the Woods artwork - these are sunset watercolour paints with tree silhouettes. The children experimented with colour mixing and various brushstrokes to achieve the desired effect. We think they're great.