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Kestrel – Miss Squibbs (Year 2)

Welcome to Kestrel Class

This page is intended to give you an overview of the routines in Year 2, together with useful information. We will also post photographs and examples of work throughout the year. We hope that you will find it useful.


Teaching Team

Class Teacher: Miss Squibbs

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Williams



This Term's Learning Expedition

Our topic this term is 'The Ancients'. Through this topic we will be studying Ancient Egypt and the significance of the River Nile. We will also be studying Plants throughout our Science lessons. See our curriculum map in the link below to find out how we will be involving all curriculum areas.



Our PE day is currently Tuesday. However please make sure your child has their P.E. kits in every day in case of timetable changes. Could all clothing be clearly named also to avoid anything getting lost. 




The children will be expected to read at least 3 times at home during the week. Please could you write in the name of the book and pages read and sign this in your child’s reading log. I will be collecting these in every Monday to monitor reading of the previous week. It is important that your child practises their reading at home to ensure they

make good progress.


Spellings will be sent home on a weekly basis to reinforce spelling patterns and strategies introduced throughout the week during phonic sessions. Please could you encourage your

child to practise these at home.


Times tables should be practised throughout the week as the children will be tested on these

in their maths lessons throughout the week. This should be ongoing so please try to practise

them with your child at any possible opportunity.


Reading, Spelling and Times Tables will be the main priority for your child’s homework.

Other pieces of homework may be sent home on occasions but this will not be every week and will not always be a written piece. Privilege time will be awarded on a Friday afternoon to

children who complete all homework.

Friday March 23rd

The children have been enjoying finding out about the life of the Ancient Egyptians. They generated lots of interesting questions and have been using their research skills to find out answers. 

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Well done to our guitar players! It was wonderful to hear you play during our Music lesson with Buzzard Class. Keep up the practice, you are doing a great job! 


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Friday 9th March

World Book Day Fun!

Kestrel Class had a fantastic day celebrating books and reading. We spent the day sharing and enjoying books and taking part in lots of fun activities based around books. Don’t forget to use your Book token by the end of March!

Monday 20th February

Today was Mystery Monday. In our box we had a selection of puppets. We had a great day exploring the world of puppets and carried out a range of exciting activities. Visit the other class pages to find out what other interesting objects were in the Mystery Monday boxes. 



Friday 9th February

During our Goldeen Time we enjoyed using the Knex to create moving vehicles of our own. At the end of Friday afternoon we were all fascinated to hear Fred's presentation on London transport, which he prepared and delivered brilliantly! 

Monday 5th February

We thoroughly enjoyed our day out at Haynes Motor Museum today. We learnt so much about the history of the motorcar and particularly enjoyed all the hands on experiences throughout the day. It will certainly be a day to remember. 

Friday 26th January

The children loved taking part in a drama workshop this week, where they  used role play to explore characters' feelings. They put together a short drama where they told their own versions of the story 'Journey'. After this, they couldn't wait to start writing! We will be sending our completed written versions of the story to Aaron Becker to see what he thinks. 


Kestrel Class are very keen artists! This week we have loved studying the work of artist Wassily Kandinsky and learning about abstract art and the use of colour. We used oil pastels to create our own interpretations of Kandinsky's 'Squares with concentric circles'.


Friday 19th January

The children have furthered their learning and understanding of money this week in Maths. They have been showing amounts using notes and coins, and working out the total cost of buying more than one item at the shops. They enjoyed using the laptops to consolidate their skills through some fun online activities. 



We have been enjoying a book called 'Journey' by Aaron Becker in our English lessons. It's a fantastic book which allows us to bring our own ideas to the story as the book contains no words. This week we've been focusing on the character of the little girl to help us gather ideas to write a character description. 

Friday 12th January

It is lovely to see the children back after their Christmas break, refreshed and ready to learn! We have had a fantastic first week back! They are very excited about our new topic 'Oh the places we'll go' and have been enjoying working together as a team to plan and produce a class display which we will share with you when it is completed. 


We we are currently learning all about money in Maths. It would be great if you could involve your child in counting money at home and getting them to help you choose coins to make different amounts when out shopping. 


We have been been thoroughly enjoying sharing our Christmas gifts of books this week. It is wonderful to see the children so enthused and excited by our classroom books and also sharing their books from home. Keep up the great work of sharing and enjoying books with your child. We are definitely a class of book lovers! 

Tuesday 19th December

End of term celebrations. 

All the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our Secret Santa gift giving activity. It was wonderful to see them taking such delight in giving to others and showing such appreciation for the gifts they received. Thank you to everyone for making this such a success! 


We hope you enjoyed our end of term Christmas show as much as we did. The children all performed brilliantly! A very big 'Thank You' to parents/ grandparents who kindly made costumes for the children.   



Friday 15th December

We have been working very hard this week in the build up to Christmas.

On Monday, we had a visit from Mr Haines from Animal Aid. He talked to us all about ways in which we could care for wild animals. We really enjoyed his visit as we are great animal lovers in Kestrel Class and understand the importance of caring for animals and nature. 



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Picture 2
In Maths we have been learning about block graphs and pictograms. We learnt how to collect data as a tally and frequency chart and then present the data in different ways. We were able to interpret graphs that showed different data. 

What better way to warm ourselves up on cold winter break times than with hot chocolate and marshmallows! Yum! 


A big 'Thank you!' To the PTFA for organising a wonderful theatre treat of Wind in the Willows. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! 

After writing all about a cottage made of gingerbread in our Hansel and Gretel stories, we decided to make some gingerbread treats of our own. We used lots of different skills in our baking and ended up with some very delicious treats to take home for Christmas. 

Friday 1st December

In Maths, this week, the children have been learning all about subtraction. They have been developing their mental calculation strategies and also the formal written method of column subtraction. They have been using tens sticks and ones to aid their understanding of this, including exchanging tens for ones in more complicated calculations. They then applied their skills to problem solving situations. 


In English we have been learning the story of Hansel and Gretel. The children sequenced the events in the story and worked on their own oral retelling. They then used a story map to help them write their own versions of the story. 


As well as as the story of Hansel and Gretel, they have been enjoying many other stories in their reading times. We have been gathering toys to accompany different story books to help with the reading and retelling. A big 'Thank you' to Jay who has equipped us with almost an entire soft toy zoo! We have had lots of fun with our reading and it's been great to see the children so enthused and excited about books! 

What a wonderful way to round off the week - painting Winter Wonderlands! 

We studied different paintings of snowy woodland scenes and then tried to recreate them using our painting skills. We learnt how to use different brush sizes for specific areas, learnt about perspective and learnt the skill of colour mixing. 

Friday 17th November 

This week we had great fun in our PE lesson learning how to play hockey! 


On Friday, we supported 'Children in need' by dressing in something Pudsey themed. 

In Maths we used different objects to estimate and measure the perimeter of Pudsey Bear.

At the end of the day, we were so excited to receive a visit from Pudsey himself! 


Friday 10th November

After studying different maps and aerial photographs of Westonzoyland, we looked at how symbols are used on maps to mark different features. We discussed what features might be found in a village and then we worked at designing our own village. We drew maps and used symbols to show all the different landmarks. Maybe you could work at drawing a map of your ideal town. How would it differ from a village? 


Friday 3rd November

We began the week with Mystery Monday. The classes worked in different classrooms across the school; working in mixed age groups to explore different Mystery objects. In Kestrel Classroom we explored an African musical instrument called a Kalimba. The children took their learning in all different directions and took part in many activities such as painting, clay modelling,, music, Maths, writing, research, ICT and drama. 





In our Maths lessons, we have been exploring the different ways we can add 3 single digit numbers. We practised number bonds and doubles to help us. We used tens frames and carried out different investigations involving odd and even numbers. 

We produced some fantastic sketches in our Art lesson. We chose and sketched an Autumn leaf; paying close attention to detail. We used shading techniques to make our drawings realistic. 

Friday 20th October

We cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying by! We've reached half term already. It is great to see such progress from the children over their first half term in year 2 and watching them develop into happy, enthusiastic, motivated learners. 


We've had yet another busy week this week; working very hard, right up to our Friday afternoon treat of 'The Lorax' cinema afternoon. It was a very well deserved treat which was enjoyed by everyone! 


The weather let us down on Thursday and we weren't able to get out into the garden to take part in our habitat building. However, a big THANKYOU to Mrs Atyeo who came in to work with the children in the shelter of the polytunnel, where they made bird feeders to hang in our school grounds. 


Here are are some pictures of the children enjoying their learning throughout the week - Maths, English, Science and Outdoor Learning. 

Friday 13th October


We have been working very hard at collecting ideas and writing animal poems. We worked with writing partners to talk through ideas, write first drafts and then edit and improve our initial ideas, using our purple polishing pens. We then used our computing skills to present a final copy.


The children have loved learning about poetry and are extremely proud of what they have achieved! Many of them have gone home to write lots more poems to share. 

In Art, we have stayed with the theme of trees, but this week we have produced a very different syle. We used black ink pen to create patterned leaves (neopop realism style). The end results looked stunning! We then used them to decorate the front cover of our brand new precious sketch books. The level of focus and concentration from the children was amazing and it was wonderful to see, yet again, such pride in their finished work. 
Picture 1

A great time was had by all at our Harvest Celebration at the church. I was so proud of how the children performed. They sang beautifully! Many of them overcoming nerves to stand up and sing and speak in front of an audience. We hope you enjoyed their rendition of 'Let it grow' from The Lorax film. They really did have great fun with this song! 

Friday 6th October

Kestrel Class had great fun using the gym apparatus to practise their balancing, climbing and jumping skills this week.

In our Geography lessons, we've been studying aerial photographs and identifying geographical features. We considered whether the different features were physical (natural) or human (man-made). 
In Art we learnt how to skilfully use pastels to create some winter tree silhouette pictures. We were incredibly pleased with the results! 

Friday 29th September

We've had another busy week in Kestrel Class.

In Maths we've started to look at addition; practising number bonds to 20 using Bar modelling to help. We've been learning the vocabulary linked to addition and understanding the commutative law (that addition can be done in any order e.g. 15 + 5 is the same as 5 + 15). We are continuing to practise counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 and creating number sequences. We had great fun using the chunky chalks on the playground to help with this. 

In our English lessons, we've been stepping into woodland pictures and using our senses to help us describe the setting. We've been using expanded noun phrases to describe the things we can see, and then extending our ideas by adding a verb to explain what is happening. Some of our favourite sentences were:

I can see a tall, towering tree growing steadily in the middle of the dark, damp woods.

I can hear distant thunder rumbling in the grey, misty sky.

I can feel an icy, bitter wind blowing against my frozen face. 

Can you think of any more sentences like this? Remember to choose the best words possible to help the reader picture your idea. 


Picture 1

Friday 22nd September

A big WELL DONE to Kestrel Class for being the first class to win the attendance cup this year! It's so important to attend school every day. Let's hope we can keep this up each week. 


In Maths this week we have been learning how to make careful estimates and then accurately count different objects. We practised grouping objects into piles of ten to help us count them quickly. Maybe you could try this at home with various objects - Pokemon cards, pennies, paper clips. Don't forget to estimate first. 


We are also learning to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10, both forward and backwards. Practise regularly at home to help with 2, 5 and 10x table facts. 

Another great multi- skills sports session this week. We worked on hand- eye coordination and practised the skill of catching.

Thursday 14th September

In English we have been learning how to write character descriptions. We made our own story maps to help with the description of the main character of the fawn from 'Lost in the Woods'. We will then use these to help us to write our own character descriptions.


In Maths we have been learning about place value. To help us to compare numbers, we played a dice game with a friend. Every time we made the largest number we won a point. We started with 2 digit numbers and then moved on to 3 digit numbers. We talked about the best strategies to use to help us win. 

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Tuesday 12th September 

Kestrel Class enjoyed their first PE lesson with our new sports coach, Mr Pigden. 

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Friday 8th September


After an enjoyable Summer break, the children are back, refreshed and ready to learn!

We have enjoyed sharing some of the children's homework projects on our topic, 'Lost in the woods'. 


In Maths, we have been thinking about number and place value. We have been exploring all the different types of Maths equipment and finding different ways to represent two digit numbers.