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Ernie the Eagle

This is Ernie's blog space where we will document all of the adventures Ernie has had with members of Eagle class.

Apologies for the delay in uploading Ernie's recent adventures, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties, however they have now been resolved and you can now see what Ernie has been up to.

Please check back soon to see what else Ernie has been up to.

Curtis-Joe's weekend with Ernie

Curtis-Joe's weekend with Ernie  1

Daniel's weekend with Ernie 


First we went to swimming and Ernie had a great time watching me at my lesson. He really liked it when I was doing dolphin kicks.

On Saturday Ernie asked if he could be the mascot for my football team, Wembdon under 8s. He was obviously a good mascot because I scored a goal. We drew 0-0 and won 3-1. Ernie helped me celebrate at McDonalds. He stole some of my burger and milkshake when I wasn’t looking. Naughty Ernie!!!

On Sunday Ernie came with me to see Darcey’s new puppy, Cooper. He’s very cute!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Hollie's birthday weekend with Ernie

Hollie's birthday weekend with Ernie 1
Hollie's birthday weekend with Ernie 2

Aston's weekend with Ernie

Aston's weekend with Ernie  1

Ernie’s Adventure with Florence:

Firstly I went swimming with Granny and Ernie at Street. Once we were there Ernie sat on the balcony and drank a nice coffee. Next Ernie looked at the temperature of the swimming pool to see if it was too cold. When we got out Granny said I did a nice job at swimming so Granny let me and Ernie go to McDonalds! Once we got there I chose chicken nuggets and some chips and a fruit shoot. In the box I got a Beanie Boo and a nice lady gave me a balloon. After McDonalds we went to Sainsburys to buy my Secret Santa present. Then we went home.

In the evening we took Ernie and our friend Amber to Dunster by Candlelight and saw Miss Meyers. We got there on the bus. When we got there we took Ernie to the castle. When we were there we saw a friend of Ernie, it was an eagle! After the castle we looked at a water mill where they make flour. After the castle we ate chips. Amber decided to join the fighting with swords.

On Sunday I took Ernie to the hairdressers and afterwards my Aunty Cheryl took us to the cinema to watch Paddington 2. In the evening we put up the Christmas decorations!

Florence's pictures with Ernie

Florence's pictures with Ernie 1 Ernie checking the pool temperature.
Florence's pictures with Ernie 2 Ernie drinking coffee at the swimming pool.
Florence's pictures with Ernie 3 Ernie at McDonalds.
Florence's pictures with Ernie 4 Ernie at Sainsburys.
Florence's pictures with Ernie 5 Ernie on the bus to Dunster.
Florence's pictures with Ernie 6 Ernie at Dunster Castle
Florence's pictures with Ernie 7 Ernie at Dunster Castle with another eagle.
Florence's pictures with Ernie 8 Erine at Dunster Water Mill.
Jayden’s weekend with Ernie

I took Earnie to Brewsters for breakfast, we had pancakes. We played in the play area and went down the slides, then we played hide and seek with my little brother. We had lots of fun.
Love Jayden
Picture 1 Ernie with Jayden on the slide at Brewsters

Ollie's adventure with Ernie

Ollie's adventure with Ernie 1
Ollie's adventure with Ernie 2

Gracie's weekend with Ernie

When Ernie came home with me on Friday, I introduced him to all my toys in my bedroom. I have made him his own special bed, so he is nice a cosy. On Saturday he came to my swimming lessons (he didn't go in the pool!). On Saturday afternoon we played with my toys.


On Sunday we went for a bike ride to the park and we rode around the park. I zipped Ernie up in my coat and he enjoyed it. Both days were pretty much rest days.


I have really enjoyed Ernie coming to stay at my house.


By Gracie

Gracie's pictures with Ernie

Gracie's pictures with Ernie 1 Gracie and Ernie on a bike ride
Gracie's pictures with Ernie 2 Ernie meeting all of Gracie's toys
Gracie's pictures with Ernie 3 The comfy bed Gracie made for Ernie

Darcey's weekend with Ernie

Darcey's weekend with Ernie 1

Amber's weekend with Ernie

Amber's weekend with Ernie 1

Archie's weekend with Ernie

Archie and Ernie had a lovely weekend together.. Archie took him to Cadbury garden centre where he got to meet all the animals and fish.
He also met our family pet Asbo the rabbit.

Archie's pictures with Ernie

Archie's pictures with Ernie 1
Archie's pictures with Ernie 2
Archie's pictures with Ernie 3
Archie's pictures with Ernie 4
Archie's pictures with Ernie 5
Archie's pictures with Ernie 6
Archie's pictures with Ernie 7
Archie's pictures with Ernie 8
Archie's pictures with Ernie 9

Evee's weekend with Eernie

Evee's weekend with Eernie 1

Katey, Freya and Ernie go to Birmingham

Katey, Freya and Ernie go to Birmingham 1
Katey, Freya and Ernie go to Birmingham 2 Travelling to Birmingham
Katey, Freya and Ernie go to Birmingham 3
Katey, Freya and Ernie go to Birmingham 4 Dad crossing the finish line!